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What is a high school? When did they first start?

An education such as this is a form of secondary education. It follows elementary and middle schooling and precedes college. They are often supported by public money but occasionally private schools do exist, often in the form of religious schools or online alternative. Some of these private schools do not follow standard curriculum and education from such schools does not always transfer to a higher education institute. This is because private institutes don’t always have to abide by the same regulations. The idea itself originated in Scotland when Royal High School first opened in 1505. It was the first school in Britian to be labeled as a “high school”. The model was used in the United States, when the first school of it’s kind opened in Boston, Massachusetts in 1821 called English High School.

English HS which was situated in the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston, and was chaired by Samuel Adams Wells, the grandson of Samuel Adams. The school was created as an answer to furthering education on another level after homeschooling. Even through the school has struggled in recent years, it remains and historical example of the United States’s educational system.

How long does this type of schooling take?

A standard education begins four years before your 18th birthday, although this is not set in stone, as some students able to begin attending school earlier. Graduation typically takes twenty two credits, which requires a student to pass a wide variety of curriculum including math, science, english, social studies, and even a foreign language in some cases to get their diploma.

What is the alternative to a high school education?

When students unable to get such a diploma will often resort to finishing their degree at an adult high school program or getting a ged certificate instead.

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